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Provide knowledge and expertise in the form of analytical data and practical application to our clientele that allows them to make knowledge based decisions.


We endeavor to become an integral part of your business solution strategies, by providing guidance when situations arise that do not fall within the normal parameters of day to day operations. Rather recovering from a disaster or planning to grow, our extensive experience in the government sector can assist you in finding the right answers and compliance information you need. 

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We are a group of individuals taking skill sets we have learned from the law enforcement and intelligence communities and adapting them to the corporate and private business sector. 

As a private consultation company, we can provide solution based training methodologies utilized by the public sector agencies and organizations, such as Command and Control protocols, National Security, Intelligence/Counter Intelligence, Foreign Policy Liaison, Tactical/Non Tactical Operations, Data Elicitation, Immigration based law enforcement; and modifying these programs in the private sector for Corporate infrastructure development, Asset and Liability protection, Leadership, Retention and Reduction in Force programs, including the various subsets such as Human Resource, Employee/Management Relations, etc. as well as customized programs developed for the individual agency/organizational needs. 

Training and Services



Our experience in compliance and enforcement of statutory laws and regulations allow us to provide our clients with a unique prospective of the internal law enforcement procedures and protocols. This insight can be a critical component when crafting defense strategies. The following is a sampling of services available in this category:  Review and analysis of case discovery items, Investigation Report Assessments, Crime Scene Analysis, Social Media Data Mining, Situational Profiling, and Assess potential collateral consequence adversities. 



Our knowledge of managing operational projects from inception to permanent inclusion gives our clients an advantage normally associated with Fortune 500 companies. At every level of administration, we provide your staff with custom tailored personnel programs on recruitment, training, retention and dismissal of personnel and all that that entails, such as: Employer/Employee Mediation, Hiring, Retention, and Exit Protocols, Work Environment Liability Assessment; Projects Review of Operational Policies and Procedures, Basic/Intermediate/Executive Leadership Training; Conflict Resolution, Business Communications, Operations, Customer Service, and Human Relations. 



Our immigration team is made up of former Deportation and Executive Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers who utilized doctoral level knowledge of immigration policies, regulations, and laws to render decisions of removal, cancellation of benefits and privileges, coordinate with foreign Ambassadorial and Consular personnel for travel itinerary, issuance and verification of documents, and security clearances for international escort and removal of undocumented immigrants. They would also conduct investigation and apprehensions of Criminal Fugitive immigrants, Case Preparation and Presentation for prosecution in State & Federal Administrative and Criminal courts, while maintaining and monitoring individuals detained, services include but are not limited to:  Document Review and Translation, I-9E-Verify Compliance Inspections, 287g Compliance, Oversight and Training, Case/Status Review, Procedural and Policy Review and Analysis; and Provide knowledge based strategies on immigration policy, regulations, and statutory law.   

Collateral Specialties Services


Intelligence and Security Analysis

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Foreign Relations

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Special Tactical Response 

Physical Threat Assessment

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About Us

Edwardo Rodriguez, founder, served in law enforcement for over 25 years in positions from county jailer to federal DHS/ICE Deportation Officer. He gained experience and expertise in Corrections, Maritime Boarding's, Immigration, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Executive Command and Control; was the Founder/Commander of the first DOJ/INS National SRT/SWAT Unit and INS Counter Intelligence JTTF. A veteran of both USMC and USCG, he currently mentors other veterans through the American Corporate Partners organization and volunteers with several non profits. Additionally, he has written professionally for digital and print media since 2011.